The Chicago Jazz Orchestra performs a tribute to musical genius Frank Zappa at Park West on Saturday, Dec. 29. “The Grand Wazoo and Other Delights” features the 15-piece Chicago Jazz Orchestra with Ernie Watts, who appeared on the original Grand Wazoo recording, along with electric bassist Dave Morgan and electric violinist Mark Wood of Trans-Siberian Orchestra. (Pencil This In: The Chicago Jazz Orchestra Tribute To Frank Zappa)

ZFT celebrating FZ’s birthday by releasing Baby Snakes - The Entire Sound Track.  

Frank Zappa Fans Offered Unique Access to Unreleased Music
I’m going to do this, anyone want a copy at cost? 

Major Music Subscription Services Finally Add Zappa Catalog


I was blogging about all things relating to Frank Zappa here, but now I’m going to do it here and @zappanoises. This will consist of mostly items found on the internets. I won’t post or reblog music files until the show up on spotify.

So, I’ve made a blog just for all the Zappa stuff I seem to find. It’s called Zappa Noises. Oh, and there is a twitter account I don’t know how to use @zappanoises

If you want a steady stream of Zappa, follow me there. I’ll actually follow you back, even if you post about pokémon and vampires. 

Rare Frank Zappa Recordings to Appear on New Box Set
Crossfire Publications will release a series of rare pre-Mothers of Invention era Frank Zappa recordings on May 28 in a new box set titled Paul Buff Presents Highlights From The Pal And Original Sound Studio Archives. Paul Buff served as owner of Pal Recording Studio in Cucamonga, CA from 1957-1964, and also served in the The Pal Studio Band, which included guitarist Dave Aerni and a young Zappa on guitar and drums. Zappa worked at the studio starting in 1961, where he learned basic recording techniques from Buff. Buff later became the sound engineer at Original Sound Records when he sold Pal Recording Studio to Zappa in 1964.
The new 156-track 5-CD collection features 58 early masters by the late Zappa, recorded at Pal and Original Sound Recording Studios. Included are recordings of Zappa as a performer, writer and/or producer. Many of the tracks on the box set with Zappa’s involvement are previously unreleased, including some with original Mothers Of Invention vocalist Ray Collins.
The album’s cover art (shown above) features Zappa’s “A Day At The Beach,” which he created in the early 1960s for his sister Patrice “Candy” Zappa.
The first 200 pre-release orders from Crossfire Publications will be accompanied by two additional CDs, The Tornadoes’ Now And Then and Charge Of The Tornadoes, featuring an additional 11 tracks that Frank Zappa engineered at Pal during 1962-1963.
Visit Crossfire Publications’ website to pre-order the album.

Hello Boys & Girls,

About 10 Years Ago, shortly after Al Gore invented the internet, we here at UMRK, where we feel it is our duty … decided to announce plans for the Roxy Performances to be unleashed at last on a wholly suspecting public and others besides.  What We Knew Then compared to What We Know Now about what is possible is something completely different.  I could romanticize and say that over here at the Other Side of the Miracle of Time & Space there is nothing stopping us but the Movie Monster.  Every Monster Movie has at least one.  Our Movie Monster is THE BUDGET.

Because of the condition the condition was in - no synch, no idea what was what, no idea of the actual coverage, no idea of the quality;  all the et ceterae that caused FZ to abandon the project completely - it took all this time (if you include all the other priorities and distractions) to get to this point, so near and yet so far:  All of the footage has now been transferred on a best light basis into HD and all camera angles have been “synched” by eye and heart and hand and edit to the original Nagra tapes.  We now need to identify all usable camera angles and begin the actual edit.  Still, we have miles to go in order to bring the best of the possibilities to a screen near you.  And we need your help.

We still have a few wrinkles but our irons are hot and the details of our plan for the next Official Release is bundled in a unique opportunity to participate in a special, social experiment designed to open lots of doors for all Artists and their fans everywhere.  Participate and You’ll be First.  First with your own copy of a Soundtrack to The Roxy Performances.  First with your name credited in The Roxy Performances, The Movie.  And there are more Firsts.  Stay Tuned.

But first, a word from our sponsors.  We’ll be back with all the relevant details right after the other Mothers’ Day.

Thank you for your kind attention to this matter.


60 Seconds During the Year Everything Changed « The Griffin Technology Blog
Wow, I still have a glowing hockey puck from these guys. Who knew they have a Zappa fan. 

Homemade Frank Zappa Screen Print Shirt by GooBananas

Frank Zappa Never mind Your make up T shirt on by LamericaTees