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Below the Boat Puts the ‘Laser Cut’ in ‘Lacustrine’

love this

The Chicago Jazz Orchestra performs a tribute to musical genius Frank Zappa at Park West on Saturday, Dec. 29. “The Grand Wazoo and Other Delights” features the 15-piece Chicago Jazz Orchestra with Ernie Watts, who appeared on the original Grand Wazoo recording, along with electric bassist Dave Morgan and electric violinist Mark Wood of Trans-Siberian Orchestra. (Pencil This In: The Chicago Jazz Orchestra Tribute To Frank Zappa)


Ray Collins died on the 24th.
Thanks for the freak outs Sweet Baby Ray.


Rabbit faces.

ZFT celebrating FZ’s birthday by releasing Baby Snakes - The Entire Sound Track.  

Frank Zappa Fans Offered Unique Access to Unreleased Music
I’m going to do this, anyone want a copy at cost? 

Major Music Subscription Services Finally Add Zappa Catalog

bridge by Elena Lazutina

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